Omniplex Ltd.

Rathmines, Dublin

c. 18,000 sqft


The latest phase of the swan cinema complex brings the total number of screens to eight, more than doubling current capacity. The site is part infill and part roof-mounted extension, joining on to the existing cinema by way of a glazed bridge spanning the existing shopping mall. The cinemas to the rear will span up over the existing shopping centre with a large-scale cantilevered steel structure.

The concept for the street building is to re-establish the urban grain of Rathmines Road by virtue of an infill element which frames the entrance to the carpark and gives the cinema a vital street presence.

The existing building, a poor quality late-Victorian red-brick structure will be re-imagined to provide retail on ground floor with a cinema auditorium suspended inside at first floor level. The material expression on to the street will be a layered facade of a structured mesh panel system with integrated lighting behind to provide a street presence after dark. It is hoped that the continued revitalisation of Rathmines as an urban centre will continue with the Swan Centre providing a focus and centre of gravity to this development. The nature of cinema/leisure use within the area is part of the desire to provide round the clock uses and attractions for the public.

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